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The MRL valve interlock fits any type of hand wheel or gear operated valves.
The NDL valve interlock fits any type of 90 degree valve, such as ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valves.
The ALS is a mechanical interlocking device for motor operated valves.
The Closure Lock prevents the bleedbolt from being removed and thus the closure door from being opened.
Real-time position feedback of your manual valves. Get up-to-date valve status information, improve process performance and increase right first time procedures.
EasiDrive portable actuator A lightweight portable actuator which you can easily carry in to the field. Reduce investment costs by saving on actuator capex.
Pneumatic valve wrench with universal coupling plates. Reduce effort, improve efficiency and minimize downtime during plant stops and maintenance.
Remote manual valve operation improves safety and convenience. Operate valves from a safe distance. Save scaffolding costs and avoid hazardous areas.
Take samples of gases in cylinders with externally coupled valves.